COVID-19 Information

* Updated 01/20/2022 *

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We currently have Indoor, Outdoor, and Online options for Sunday worship services.

We ask, as per CDC guidelines, that if you have Covid-19, please remain quarantined for five days after symptoms resolve and continue to wear masks (even outdoors) for additional five days. The state of California has issued guidelines (until 2/15/2022) that all indoor public gatherings now require a mask.  As Crossroads continues to abide by the directives of our governing authorities, we ask that all individuals wear a mask while indoors at any Crossroads event. For further information regarding exposure protocol, please visit the CDC's website HERE 

Sundays: We have started our Discoveryland small groups again. Kids preschool to 5th grade have small groups outside during service with our Discoveryland teachers.

Please contact Theresa or Helina for more information.

Aftershock (our youth ministry) is now meeting in person every Friday. Please contact for Zoom Information for those tuning in online.

Small Groups
Please contact Roger Lee if you are interested in getting involved

Crossroad's view on Meeting

The leadership of Crossroads believes that the opportunity for in-person gatherings for the purposes of worship and ministry should be made available for those members who have concluded that the personal and corporate benefits of such gatherings outweigh their personal risks and that the risk they may pose to others can be made minimal.

God has established three institutions within human society: the family, the state, and the church.  Each institution has a sphere of authority with limits that must be respected.  We believe that the state has the rightful function of guarding public health against serious illness.  Because we, the church, care about people as Jesus did (John 13:34-35), we have supported and continue to support governmental authority by complying with all restrictions and guidelines and aggressively encouraging compliance by church membership.

However, we also recognize that there are significant benefits, both spiritual and emotional, of in-person gatherings for the purposes of worship and ministry. The church by definition is an assembly. The literal meaning of the Greek word for “church”—ekklesia— is the assembly of the called-out ones. A non-assembling assembly is a contradiction in terms. Christians are therefore commanded not to forsake the practice of meeting together (Hebrews 10:25).   Furthermore, we must be sensitive to the burdens of Christians who are troubled, fearful, distressed, or otherwise in critical need of fellowship and encouragement.  For these people especially, we believe that the church must provide an opportunity for in-person worship and ministry.  

We recognize that there are risks associated with any in-person gathering especially during this current pandemic.  It is our understanding that the magnitude of this risk can, vary significantly from person to person depending on an individual’s physical condition.  For many people, this risk may be low. 

Finally, we believe that there are effective precautionary measures, (such as self-monitoring, adequate distancing, consistent and proper wearing of masks, and conscientious hygiene) that individuals can take to reduce the risk that they might pose to others around them.

For the above reasons, we believe that Crossroads has an obligation to provide an opportunity for in-person gatherings for worship and ministry for those of its members who have thoughtfully and prayerfully concluded that the personal and corporate benefits outweigh their personal risks and who believe that the risk they may pose to others can be made minimal.